Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Here are a few tips:

Continuous Improvement is driving forward by identifying and seizing opportunities, creating ideas and continually improving performance.

Standing still is not an option as our Clients and Customers make more demands of us driving efficiencies while improving service. We should always look to be proactive, exceeding our own and others expectations to keep us ahead of the competition. If we stand still, we will go backwards and there is a real cost to standing still – trust me there is no real comfort in being in the pack.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

Suggests ideas:

  • Makes suggestions for improving the way things get done.
  • Takes action and initiative to improve performance within own role.
  • Changes way of working to avoid unnecessary waste and cost.
  • Has a basic understanding of the role and function of own area of the business.
  • Knows the basics about the marketplace, competitors and customers.

Initiates improvements:

  • Spots opportunities to develop new ideas and improve performance within own area of responsibility.
  • Builds plans to address underperformance of systems or processes.
  • Finds ways of eliminating unnecessary waste and cost across the team.
  • Understands and considers the cost-implications associated with decisions made.
  • Keeps up to date with the latest trends in own area of work.

Drives improvements:

  • Seizes opportunities to stand out in the market.
  • Thinks ahead to identify future value-adding opportunities with customers, suppliers and the wider marketplace.
  • Identifies and creates new and innovative ways of doing business.
  • Has a wide understanding of the competition.
  • Manages all resources available to improve service, add value and reduce operational costs.
  • Maintains contacts in the industry.
  • Understands wider changes, priorities and trends in the industry.

Mobilises business:

  • Reshapes and refocuses the organization towards performance improvement.
  • Looks ahead and takes action now to realize emerging opportunities and pre-empt problems.
  • Imports ideas from other industries and businesses that yield a business return.
  • Rigorously gathers and tests information about markets and economic trends to build plans and propose new ideas.
  • Creates a culture of learning, continuous improvement and high performance.

Time is no one’s friend; we are always against the clock in the drive to stay a head of the game or just to keep our head above water. It can take business courage to lead from the front, but continuous improvement is not all about leading from the front, it’s about working smarter. It’s about asking Why?; challenging the status quo; it’s about engaging with the whole team across all your organisation, your people, your supply chain, your workforce, your customers – the slightest thing could fire a new way of working. Focus on what you do well and do more of it. Let’s not always focus on the negative but celebrate your success, rewarding people for the fresh new ideas. Your working environment will change and that in its self will encourage more positive change, continuously improving without thinking.