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When a business has a truly fully Integrated Supply Chain it will be able to drive real cost savings and improve service delivery to its Customers. Your Supply Chain will become one of your extended family and everything it does and says should represent your business in a positive light.


In the most ideal case a business will be able to adapt its Supply Chain as the business evolves. The major partners of an Integrated Supply Chain are your business and the specialist Supply Chain you employ to represent your business and deliver goods and services to allow you to provide real customer service.

The Supply Chain partners are often a complex network of relationships that your business maintains with trading partners to procure, manufacture and deliver products or services. The Supply Chain encompasses the facilities where raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods are required, transformed, stored and sold.

These facilities are connected by transportation links along which materials and products flow. The Supply chain consists of many organisations, individuals and institutions. Supply Chain management is the coordination of material, information and financial flows between and among all the Supply Chain family. A fully integrated Supply Chain will demonstrate cost savings and improved customer service. This will improve your brand image and provide greater security for your business and Supply Chain.

An integrated Supply Chain provides the ability to offer customers shorter lead in times and lower base costs. It can help pinpoint where problems are occurring, enabling you to take action immediately, further reducing cost to improve service and final price. Integrated Supply Chains are powerful incentives for customers to commit to doing business with you.

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To build long term relationships with your Supply Chain, you need to listen and understand them. Integrated Supply Chains help businesses “look beyond tactical order fulfilment and gain a better understanding of customer wishes for customised products and services”. An Integrated Supply Chain will help your business differentiate its offerings and increase profits.

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