Not breaking into new markets?

Struggling to maintain market share?

Do not have the time or resource to look into the future?

Do not have enough good contacts in your industry?

Want to promote your business but not sure how?


Business development is fundamental to the outcome and long term future of every business in the UK. It is about taking control of your own destiny and maintaining your business at the forefront of your industry – it’s that critical.

Building long term relationships at every level across your business, with key points of contact in the sectors in which you operate, will give you first-hand knowledge and allow you to be strategic in your thinking.

Knowing your market and being proactive allows you to react to changes in your business and reflects the environment in which you operate. Invest in your business to meet your clients changing requirements and stay ahead of the competition. Differentiate your business, listen to what people are saying and act upon it. Do not ask “what is the cost?” but “what is the cost of not doing it?”


Customers do not want to be disappointed. Know what they expect of you and what your capabilities are to deliver the required level of customer service. You must be knowledgeable, flexible, think differently and know your customers.

Do you have a clear strategy that’s well informed and structured? Do your employees understand? Is the message reinforced regularly and are they on board? It is important to engage at all levels across your business with your customers and supply chain.

Be honest at all times and give yourself. Do not offer what you cannot deliver or make false promises. Customers want the truth – good, bad or indifferent. Deliver on your promises every time, building trust and long term sustainable relationships. Market intelligence should be cross checked for accuracy as you will make big business choices based on this information. Poor judgement could make or break your business if that information is not correct.

Early engagement is fundamental to securing and delivering a successful service to your customers. Adding value through solutions and not “Houston we have a problem” through poor engagement. Business development is about every aspect of your business, knowing your capabilities, understanding your industry and the drivers of your clients, delivering real customer satisfaction.


Developing mature relationships of value that will deliver long term, sustainable results, allows you to be proactive to the changing and challenging environment in which we operate. Managing risk and identifying opportunities allows you to grow or consolidate your business activity with confidence based on leading edge intelligence. Does your marketing strategy align with the direction of the business and enhance your reputation to the wider industry to promote the positive messages to potential key customers? By identifying movement in the industry before it takes place, allows you to recruit and develop your people to reshape your business ahead of the competition to secure your place on the top table. Business development will maintain your business ahead of the competition and allow you to be seen as the market leader.

  • Tactical Marketing Plans
  • Converting New Business
  • Managing Pipeline Opportunities
  • Business Development Timeline
  • Bid Management
  • Business Plans
  • Website Design
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Performance Management Frameworks
  • Vision, Objectives, Values, Strategy
  • Sector Strategies
  • Client Engagement
  • Internal Engagement
  • Establishing a BD Team
  • Research
  • Growing Your Business
  • Business Strategy
  • Operational Business Planning
  • Interim Programme And Project Management
  • Marketing Your Business