Not winning repeat business?

Not making the profits you should?

No time to evaluate the direction of your business?

Has the enjoyment has gone?

Struggling to keep your good people?


When do you find the time for a quick health check when you are a sole trader, small business or a large PLC? How do you find time to take a step back and challenge the direction of the business and what can be improved to give you better results? The solution is a quick business health check. If you are working on your own or there are just a few of you in a small business, how do you find the time to take a step back and challenge yourself as to where the business is going, what can be improved and more importantly, where do you find the time to do it?

There are many very successful business owners who would stress how important it is to find time, particularly in an unpredictable environment. In a large business, finding time is equally challenging to have time to think with all those plates spinning and constant interruptions to your time.

Thinking strategically and reviewing how you are actually performing as a business on a day to day basis. We can keep making the same mistakes, it means we are actually letting lots of other stuff get in the way and becoming victims of our own behaviour, we must allow for thinking time. We will clearly identify opportunities to improve your business health in the short, medium and long term.

A healthy business will be more productive, motivated to maintain good health long into the future with a little bit of guidance. A quick health check now will save you years of poor performance and start you on the road to recovery and a brighter future. We will carry out a combination of interviews (both internal and external), observations, analytical assessments and visit places of operation / manufacture.

Our report will detail key themes: the current situation, opportunities for improvement, ongoing risks to your business, implementation plans and priorities and set targets to good health. We will show you simple practices to give your business that boost and allow you the time to think about the long term future you never thought you would have. We will monitor your businesses success for future financial stability and growth.

We will come into your business and over a short period of time reviewing your business and, asking key questions of you and your employees, will determine the current health of your business. We will look at the core aspects of your business and produce a report on our findings and recommendations.


You can reflect on those findings and implement new practices to improve the health of your business and therefore increase life expectancy. We can also introduce and embed the practices quickly into your business giving every part of your business a new lease of life and educating your employees to a brighter healthier future. A healthy business produces more educated employees who are motivated to remain healthy long into the future.

We will work with any business, big or small, in various states of health to get them back on that road to recovery and a brighter future for all concerned. Our programme of healthy eating could save you £600 per annum, per employee or £78/day. Healthy eating education can be part of a companys corporate social responsibility, health and wellbeing strategy and company training programme. This brings the benefits to your employees and their dependents and the future success of your business.

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